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Buying a car after Bankruptcy

Bankruptcies are becoming  more prevalent in these economic times,  it presents a challenge to car loan approval. However it’s not an impassable barrier. Every situation is unique, from the cause of your bankruptcy to the extent of your debt. If used wisely, a car loan can be the perfect place to start rebuilding your credit, even if you’re emerging from personal bankruptcy.

Here at East Coast Car Loan, we work with different finance companies that will give individuals who file bankruptcy a chance!

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Bankruptcy Car Loan through East Coast Car Loans

Why choose us to get your car loan?

  • Safe easy and secure online application
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  • Obtain car loans with no credit within 48 Hours
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We specialize in getting auto financing for:

  • First Time Buyers
  • People going through bankruptcy
  • Divorced Couples
  • Young workers with overdue student loans
  • Customers with Late payments or missed payments


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